Posted: 8th July 2015


There's a lot going on at Adult Teeth. Here's a roundup of the latest.

My Pleasure

The debut release by the weird-pop musician My Pleasure is a collection of 10 singles called 'Your House is Made of Nothing and You Are No One', and it's out now.

Some of the singles were played on BBC 6 Music and Radio 2, and others haven't been granted their own individual release yet, so this is your first opportunity to hear them before your irritating hipster friend does.

You know, the one who has his finger on the pulse and reckons he discovered Alt-J before everyone else, but really he's only heard a couple of singles off the 2nd album.

Anyway, you can say "screw that guy" and hear every track recorded by My Pleasure so far, in one release, RIGHT NOW.

Order: My Pleasure : Your House is Made of Nothing and You Are No One

And, for an extra couple of quid you can get a cool badge and limited edition patch bundled in with your order. Yowsers!

Here's a video made (almost) entirely out of Lego for My Pleasure's recent single, Haunted House.

James Wood

The newest signing to Adult Teeth is the marvellously multi-talented multi-instrumentalist James Wood, who lives in Huddersfield but is originally from Hull.

If he were a cow, you could say he puts the 'udders' in 'Huddersfield'. But he is not a cow, he is a man.

James' new album is called 'Eyes Down' and is a mind-boggling mix of experimentation, jazz, spoken word, soul and electronica, with a recurring motif surrounding Palestinian rights. It will be released on Monday 10th August. Fans of Four Tet, David Shrigley and John Cage will find a lot to enjoy here.

Listen to 'Can We Talk', the first single to be taken from the record here, and you can pre-order the album via the link that follows it.

Pre-order the album here: James Wood : Eyes Down

La Bete Blooms

The Hull-based post-punk quintet have literally just bloody released an EP, which was amazing, you'll remember.

But they're not ones to rest on their laurels (seriously, I know some people who rest on their laurels and they're proper HARD WORK to be around). So they're BACK with a new single, called 'Nothing Left But The Taste'.

And I bet if you listen to 'Nothing Left But The Taste' right now, you will soon have 'Nothing Left But The Taste'.........of how awesome it is. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] [STANDING OVATION]

But seriously folks, the track is streaming now, and will appear on a double-A side cassette along with live favourite 'Summer' in October for Cassette Store Day 2015.

And guess what? You can pre-order it now if you like. That way you can be sure you'll receive a copy of the limited edition cassette on release day, while everyone else is queuing up at their local cassette store hoping they can get their mitts on a copy. The big idiots!

Pre-order: La Bete Blooms : Nothing Left But The Taste / Summer cassette


Right, seeing as you've got all the way to the bottom, I'll let you in on a secret. Remember how when you played Aladdin on the Super Nintendo and you were the only one who knew that if you pressed AABBAABB in that order, you'd skip to the next level? Well this is sort of like that.

Let's say you order the aforementioned musical delights separately after they're released - you'd have to pay for shipping THREE TIMES.

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